Thank you so much for delivering such fine, comprehensive (and speedy) info on audio. It was a great intro for someone like me (who basically knows nothing).

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you've done for me and how amazingly cool the podcast results are. I so appreciate not just the work but the high energy & enthusiasm that you bring to all that you do.

I have just one thing to add: I think it's time that you upgraded your title from Number Three to NUMBER ONE Productions. No one else should come before you.
I've heard many times that we need people who when we are stuck in our fear will put a hand on our back and say "we support you." I feel that level of support from Mark. The recordings are great! Mark is really good at knowing how to connect my thoughts! His attention to detail and professionalism are top notch and he is a joy to work with.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MIXES! I was finally inspired to choreograph something and could see the layout of a hip hop dance! Thank you!! thank you!! thank you!! I feel like I've finally found my "dj person." I honestly teared up when I listened to the mixes. I felt such relief because I could see choreography in my head. Finally. Again, thank you so very much!
Mark, thank you. Without you, I would have been completely alone in this. Your support is unparalleled, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you.
As I mentioned to Mark today, I was utterly impressed with the experience of a workshop on podcasting that connected the soul and "why" of doing it with the technical processes in such a seamless marriage. The offerings I am used to seeing tend to focus on only one element—creativity, technical, monetisation, marketing, IP, etc.—and hardly ever the deeper "why" of it all. This intersection you've offered between the why, creativity and technology was much appreciated.
What I think makes a good podcast: the host lets the guest talk— at length, without interruption. I can’t stand a host who just wants to talk at the guest to let them know they know all the things. However, I heard the perfect example of how to do it RIGHT just the other day when I listened to Karen Curry Parker interview Frank Schaefer on Quantum Revolution. It was the ideal balance of host/guest! And I like that Karen added a personal commentary at the end, it all flowed beautifully.
Jay DeFazio
future GracePoint Publishing Author
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